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Lead A Day Club 03.30.2021

lad lead a day Mar 30, 2021

High-income earners are genuinely curious about others.
How curious are you on a scale of 1-10? I'd really like to hear.


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Pose an open-ended question on Facebook or Instagram offering a $5-10 gift card (Starbucks works nicely) to a random drawing of everyone that answers the question within X hours. I'd recommend 48 unless you have many many friends.
Post 2 photos side-by-side (get an image service or be the sure image is allowed to reuse if you find online) and ask which of these do you prefer and why. Could be exteriors of houses, kitchens, family rooms, etc. Different styles.
"What year will you be moving next?" (remember it's a contest.... they answer to enter the contest!)
"Which is your favorite house color combination for an exterior paint job?"
"Who can guess today's interest rate posting from (name your lender - he/she will love it and ask them to share on their own site too!)
Get the idea? Come up with your OWN question or idea on this... Then follow up with each private messaging to say they are entered in the contest and you'll let them know if they win. Next day after you choose and post a winner in the feed, private message each person and tell them personally who one and ask if you can be of service! Offer to mail a few business cards for later if "not now". This will give you at least 3 contacts with each of these people and its FUN!
This may result in a lead today… or in the near future!