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Lead A Day Club 02.05.2021

lad lead a day Feb 05, 2021

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Do you say to yourself: "If I ___, then ___ will happen." And then when it doesn't happen... we say "Well, that didn't work."

The fact is that there are many possible outcomes from the Actions we take. Tying a "certain result" to any Action and having that not occurred leaves a groove in our consciousness. Today's 28-minute action is to DO Actions with NO expectation of a "certain result" being made in advance.

No if, then. No Expectations.

Simply pick up the phone and dial; or go to FB and message; or open email and type. All you want to do is say - "Been thinking about you and wanted to see how you guys are doing!" and let the conversation unfold. It's an experiment.

The SUCCESS is you DOING IT for 28 minutes. Not any "certain result." Let me know you succeeded!

This may result in a lead today… or in the near future!