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Lead A Day Club 02.04.2021

lad lead a day Feb 04, 2021

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Recently I was invited to visit a large Real Estate office doing over 1800 deals a year under one name. Yes, there's a Team, of course. And ANY of us could do the same thing. Profit from this team is WAY north of $5M a year. The Leader suggested a book, shown above. Not a book on Real Estate but on law firms. I went to Amazon and it was listed for sale for $945. Whoa. Right? So, I gave it a day (no knee-jerk reaction "well he said to read it, so what's $945??") and looked again online.

Found it for $45. Still a lot for a paperback book, but the wait saved me $900. People who earn over 6+ figures think about it before spending big money. And don't think about it to spend small money that could have a big impact.