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Lead A Day 9.3.2020

lead a day Sep 03, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Look at your annual goal and write down where you are now with closed deals and pendings that will close this year.

Then you will know exactly how many deals you need to open by end of Oct to close this year and HIT THAT GOAL!

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Do the little exercise above. Divide the # you need by TWO months and CRANK it this month to be on pace by September 30th.

Are you a little scared? Great.

Are you a LOT excited? BETTER!

Consider doubling your 28 minutes to 56 minutes a day this month to maximize your chances of hitting those goals!

Don't know where to start today? Here's your priority list:

1. Owners and Buyers under contract - Ask if they are hearing from anyone they know that may also want to sell/buy. When someone is doing one, others talk about it with them.

2. Listed properties and Hot Buyer leads. Ask them if there is someone they care about that you could also serve. Same comment as above.

3. Hot Leads of any type. Either they are ready to Go, or ask if they know someone else you could help this week!



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