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Lead A Day 9.18.2020

lead a day Sep 18, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift


It's not always EASY to do the Follow-UP & Follow-THROUGH that makes the difference... While still working every day to find someone NEW to help and them finding someone else... etc.

Do the difficult thing.

And do it well.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

From Coach Mike Stott -

Note that this IS our true story of the day because he uses this NOW!

Today we are going to get in touch with all those leads that don’t get back to you after leaving them a phone message with three tips:

1) Double dialing. Try dialing the prospect's number and if you get a voice message immediately hang up and dial again. Approximately 25% to 40% of the people will answer the second time. You might also immediately call from a different number.

2) Text them. Americans now text to the tune of two times the number of calls made each day!

A typical phone call may be worth 37 text messages and a text message might get a response a phone message ever will. Consider that text messages may suit some situations better than phone calls and vice versa.

Imagine, for instance, you’re hosting an open house, 4 unrepresented prospective clients (i.e. buyers or sellers) signed in on your attendance sheet, and provided you with their contact information.

A conventional measure for following up with these folks would be to call them the next day. So for example, you dial one individual’s number—the phone rings, rings, rings, then you hear—“Hi, this is Emily!” [A brief pause.], and you leave your message. “Hi Emily, this is __________, the agent from yesterday’s open house at 123 Main Street. I really enjoyed meeting you and would like to schedule some time to follow up. Please call me back at your convenience and have a wonderful day.” [End call.]

Let’s evaluate what just happened. Basically, you called Emily to ask her to call you back. It feels like we’ve initiated a game of tag that Emily may not care to play.

Now, it’s not that phone calls are bad or obsolete—not at all. However, a text message might have been a more effective option in this type of scenario. For example, after the open house wraps up—after you’ve tidied-up the property, shut off the lights, locked the doors, and retrieved all your directional signs—then, why not send everyone who signed in a text message? Not a group text!

You might text, for example:

“Hi Emily, it was great meeting you at the open house this afternoon! As promised, here’s a link (http://_______) to its MLS report. I really enjoyed our discussion today and would like to continue learning more in order that I may provide value to you as you begin taking steps toward purchasing a home! When is a good time to speak over the phone this week?

Emily replies:

“Thanks! I can speak this Tuesday morning!”

Your goal with this text dialogue is simply to set a time to speak over the phone. To move the chess piece off the square it's in. That’s all. If you get a face-to-face setup, terrific, but that’s not the only Win. Connecting is a win in itself. Even finding out they are not a lead at all is a Win!

Here’s the big takeaway: When Emily agreed to speak with me on Tuesday morning, I went from playing defense (i.e., expending precious phone time in a feeble attempt to get, well basically, another, more formal phone call) to offense (i.e., Emily and I get on the phone at a set time and it’s mutually understood that we’re talking about her real estate goals and my services).

Offense versus defense.

****It’s Not Texting Versus Calling:

Don’t misinterpret this, I’m not suggesting that texting is an easy pass or that it’s always an appropriate activity. Understand that texting should not be thought of as a substitute for calling, emailing, or meeting face-to-face. It’s all about context and what communication medium makes the most sense given the circumstances.

In the case of the open house example above, a text message seems like an appropriate measure for an initial follow-up with a prospective client. “What is the best medium for reaching out?” Perhaps it’s a text message, an email, a phone call, or a drop-by. Then ask, “What can I say or do that provides substance and value?”

3) Reach out on Facebook messenger. See if you have any friends in common. Connect on Linkedin. Use these social media mediums to both learn more about them... and in some cases to also stay in touch.


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