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Lead A Day 9.16.2020

lead a day Sep 16, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

There is no failure. There is either success or the chance to learn something to make you better. Believe that. Try more often than anyone you know. The more you embrace and welcome the failures, the more you will learn and get better. 
Failing More = Winning more often.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

What if you failed so you could learn so you could win more often?

What if you KNEW every 10 no's = a yes on average. Would you go for 100 No's to test the theory? That would be 10 yes's if it's right!

What are you asking for a Yes to?

Define that and then ask hard and fast for 28 minutes NOW

True Story of the day:
Floyd Wickman used to have us call the phone book in his Sweathogs class... that's right. Start at the front or start at the back, but simply dial every single number.
During the Sweathogs program, which I took the 1980's I really really didn't want to dial the phone book. So instead I called every person I knew and asked for at least one person they could think of that might be interested in buying or selling a home or investment. I called them all about 3 times during the 6 or 8 weeks of the program. I was relentless. When I ran out of numbers I knocked on doors. In neighborhoods, I had a listing or sale in... in my own neighborhood... on doors of Expireds and FRBOs and FSBOs. I ended the program with 6 listings taken. The most in that time period in my career to that point.
I got a lot of No's… MOSTLY No’s. 
A lot of “Ok... OK, I GET IT… I will find someone for you soon!" from my friends… 
And SIX listings in 8 weeks. 
Yep… I REALLY wanted to win.
Do you? Really? 
Are you willing to hear NO a lot? 

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