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Lead A Day 8.31.2020

lead a day Aug 31, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

By taking 28 minutes a day to Reach out to Potential Sellers & Buyers, you ARE working the project of molding yourself into the person you want to become.

This is your most important Project.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Write down this morning 3 things that you would DO to become the Agent you want to be. Please reply with the answers. My bet is ONE of them is more consistent Lead Generation and Follow Up.

If you are doing this work every day, great. For how long? Are you willing to add just 5 more minutes to that each day?

If you are doing it SOME of the days each week, are you willing to add just ONE more day each week?

If you are doing it now and then, are you willing to do it for 2 days this week minimum?

If you are not doing it at all, ever, are you willing to do it JUST FOR TODAY?

Make a commitment to yourself right now. What are YOU willing to do?

Now go do it for 28 minutes. NOW or scheduled for later today. BE the Great Agent you want to be, just for today.

We look forward to earning an interview to discuss Coaching. 
With programs from $49/month and up there is something for anyone who wants to GROW! 

Be sure to join our Lead a Day Club and Your Coaching Matters Facebook pages. 

A lead is someone who is interested in buying or selling real estate.
Not EVERY daily Action to take will be “for you”. Just choose a different day's action!
28 minutes is uninterrupted. Set a timer.
* KEY: 80% of leads will NOT set an appointment on the first contact. Set the next contact date immediately, over and over! 

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