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Every Challenge that Comes Up is an Opportunity

coach donna stott coach mike stott do it - move it - delete it mastering time management your coaching matters Aug 03, 2022

Every challenge that comes up is an opportunity. Plans change.

In my “Do it, Move it, or Delete it” System, it all starts with planning. But when reality gets in the way, there are several ways to look at it.

You can look at it as, “Darn! Oh my gosh, WHAT am I going to DO? I planned to work in my garden right now and it's raining and it's going to rain for another hour”.


We can look at it as, “Wow! Look at the rain! Isn't it beautiful over the lake? Maybe I will move something that I had planned for after gardening and to this time.”

 Instead what a joy what a blessing!

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