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My Daily Practice of “Do it, Move it, or Delete it”

coach donna stott coach mike stott do it - move it - delete it mastering time management your coaching matters Jul 27, 2022


Today I am welcoming the clarity, focus, ease and grace that my daily practice of “Do it, Move it, or Delete it” brings to my life.  

This time management system I teach, and am writing a book on, took me from a time in my life that felt out of control as a single mom of 3 working in real estate, income connected to sales… to one of ease. 

To employ a few metaphors, before I figured this out I used a Franklin Planner (anyone old enough to remember those? L) but I often felt I was running from spinning plate to spinning plate to keep them all in the air…. Or dog-paddling through every day to just keep afloat. Exhausting and with little joy. 

By switching my mindset and building a practice of Do it, Move it, or Delete it - my days weeks and months shifted dramatically in a very short time. 

Getting it all done with time to spare - I was breezing through my time with joy! Challenges were simply opportunities to practice. I was getting more done than I ever thought possible. 

If you are interested in my Course or Book, please reach out.