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Coaching Tool of the Week - The Green Lens

coach donna stott coach mike stott coaching tools of the week the green lens your coaching matters Jul 07, 2022

It's Donna Stott of Your Coaching Matters... I am going to share a series of Coaching Tools with you and make you an offer (no cost to you) in the end that is normally ONLY for our paid Coaching Clients. Don't worry... it only costs us a few bucks so it won't break me if you all say yes... :)

So say Yes.

Today I'm going to teach you, briefly, about one of the Coaching Tools we use that our CLIENTS say is the one they use the most and has changed their lives and businesses the most.  It's called The Green Lens. We learned this tool from the Academy for Coaching Excellence and Maria Nemeth. 

TINY bit of Background on this tool: 

Our Brains are meaning-making machines. It's how we survived. Unfortunately for us today, our brains are hard-wired to filter for DANGER before anything else. Due to that, we automatically have a conclusion that danger is possible all the time. Especially with other people.  

This conclusion causes us to see people through something we will call "The Red Lens."  When we see people through this "filter" we see them as:

  • There is something wrong with them that needs to be fixed.
  • They don't have their own answers to their situation and need us to provide them... in fact, it's our JOB to fix them.
  • I question their commitment motivations and abilities. 
  • They have no dreams or goals and they don't care if they make a difference.
  • They are a DRAIN on me.

Now... imagine INSTEAD we see people through a metaphorical GREEN LENS instead (we do get to choose our lens.) With this lens we see people like this:

  1. This person is a hero, on their own hero's journey, whole and complete.
  2. This person has goals and dreams and a desire to make a difference in their lives, their family/friends lives, and/or in their community/world.
  3. This person has their own answers. 
  4. This person is a contribution to me.
  5. This person deserves to be treated by me with dignity and respect.

Notice that the Green Lens takes less "effort" in that we don't have to "be the solution" but rather support others on their journeys to find their own answers.

Seeing people in this way shifts the energy we bring to the person we are focusing on. We may even relax and have that feeling that "All is well."

Think about the change in conversations you would have with someone if you saw them through the Green Lens.   Would clarity, focus, ease, and grace be more present in your conversations?

How would a person experiencing this from you behave? How would they respond?

Using the Green Lens can "Change Everything" according to our Coaching Clients. Yes... with work. With Sellers, Buyers, Co-Operating Agents, Vendors. But also, in other parts of their lives. With their children and spouses and parents and "Uncle Charlie."

Practice this Tool this week and I'd love to hear back from YOU with your experience in using it. Get Ready:  It's powerful! 

If you'd like to see me talk about this for just under 4 minutes, click to watch the vide below: 

Let me know how best I can support YOU in your journey. Are you open to a conversation? 

PS - The BONUS! I almost forgot... if YOU would like a copy of the Green Lens Tool Laminated and MAILED to you, hit reply and give me your full name and best mailing address!  Do say Yes. Let me support you with this gift.