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Ask a coach: Do I need to pay for real estate leads?

coach donna stott real estate coaching real estate leads real trends your coaching matters Apr 26, 2022

Real Trends recently featured an article written by Coach Donna Stott, "Ask a coach: Do I need to pay for real estate leads?"

Here is an excerpt from it:

There is no doubt that lead generation programs are big money makers — for those selling those leads to agents, or for brokerages getting agents to come to them with a promise of leads. 

In my opinion, they are huge money- and time-suckers for agents, however. I believe Steve Murray (senior advisor to RealTrends) once wrote about how agents are paying on average from these sources of over $3,300 per closed lead. That’s not the worst of it.

The worst of it is this: Agents say that these leads covert 1% to 4% of the time. That means for every 100 leads an agent follows up with and nurtures, only one to four of them end a closed deal.  So, they wasted their time on 96 to 99 people.

Click HERE for more of the article.