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7 Tips to Achieve Your Goals

by Coach Mike Stott

Our definition of Success is doing what you said you would do, consistently, with clarity focus ease, and grace.  (Thanks to Dr. Maria Nemeth from the Academy of Coaching Excellence.)

Here are 7 Tips to think about that may help you reach your goals.

1)    Forget about perfection.  Be gentle with yourself and know that life is unpredictable.  Unexpected things will happen. When they do – take a step back and look at what happened and ask yourself will this stop me from achieving my goal? If it doesn’t then adapt and move forward.  The goal is consistency, not perfection.

2)    Learn from Failures.  There is beauty in failure because it can often reveal what could be done better.  Failing is proof of your efforts.  If you can see failure as a gift and an opportunity to learn you may find yourself wishing to fail faster!

3)    Take small sweet steps!  Take your plan and divide it into smaller steps and you can lessen any fear of failure or procrastination. This will also give you clarity on what to do each day (a list isn’t a bad idea) and daily success will be much easier to achieve.

4)    Eliminate the excuses. Your internal voice or Monkey mind will chatter: you’re not ready, you can catch up tomorrow, etc.  Your monkey mind wants you to stay in your comfort zone and not venture out into unexplored territory. Try practicing affirmations or getting an accountability partner.

5)    Banish Procrastination. Don’t be ashamed – this is the number one reason why things don’t get done. Bear in mind – NOW is the best time to complete those small sweet steps that will get you to your goal.  The only cure for procrastination is to take action immediately to avoid the excuses your mind can produce.  

6)    Eliminate Distractions. YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, games, and other apps on our phones and computers distract us for hours if we let them.  We find that first thing in the morning is the best time to turn off all distractions and get your work done. An accountability partner her that you call and say “I’m getting to work” is a powerful help.

7)    Do it until it becomes a habit.  If you don’t practice and do something each day that gets you a small sweet step closer to your goal you will not see any progress.  Consistency is the key to developing the habits that will help you achieve your goals.

If you need support in setting your goals and then achieving them we are here with plans that start at $89 a month and will get you great results.  Just give us a call at 770-726-1454 to get started.   


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