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150tolife coachdonnastott coachmikestott yourcoachingmatters May 16, 2022

Choose a Reasonable Number of VIPs and create a PLAN for them.

As you probably know we are working with a small subset of you all on a passion project of mine called 150toLife – A way to get all the business you want from a reasonably small group of the Right people, doing the Right activities and doing it all in about 150 days of working days on it a year. 

We suggest 150… but it could be 220… or it could be 16… 16? Yep, 16.

Our meeting a while back had a fun story I’d like to share…

One of our newer members only had identified 16 people for her 150 so far… and rather than STOP working on it she took others in the group’s ideas and very quickly did TWO THINGS in November and December for her 16… She took 16 pies out in November and 16 Baskets out in December. She has 1 listing from one of the 16, a 2nd one is buying another home and then listing their house, and two OTHER people brought HER baskets to her home too…  All from just working the 16 she had.

Need listings guys? Just do this.

Start with what you have. If you are private coaching client and want in the MM group, let me know…

 If you are group coaching, go to $150/month and you’re in too. But warning… you don’t show up a few weeks with no notice and you go off the list until I hear from you again!

By the way… every MEMBER in 150toLife SHARES their plan with the group for feedback and giving back…

To get started with the 150toLife, there is a 150toLife 3-part Course. This Course is a PREREQUISITE to Joining the 150toLife Mastermind Group and working with 6-12 other who are successfully running 150toLife businesses doing 20-99 transactions a year - All from 150 VIP's.

This Course is online, self-paced. Do in a day or a week or a month. Your Choice.

Click HERE to get started.