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What happens when I hire a Coach?

  • You get your OWN personal Coach Trained by the ICF and the Academy for Coaching Excellence. Professionally Trained Coaches produce better results. With EASE vs angst.
  • Unlimited access to unique patented software (more about that below) that has caused our clients to go from an average 20 deals a year to over 50 PLUS raise their average prices and commissions to over $400K a year - AVERAGE. Many earn over $1M GCI and you can talk to them BEFORE you commit by request! (More about them below)
  • You get to show you are willing to succeed. You are WILLING to take a step forward. Despite the chatter in your head that has held you back so long.
  • You get to join a small group of dedicated professionals committed to improving their businesses, their lives, and the lives of their clients. Together reaching their goals!