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How Can I be More Successful with a Coach?

"I don't get it.... Why am I not as successful without a Coach... as I could be WITH a Coach?"


Once upon a time in real estate... 

  • People studied to get a real estate license, took the test and passed... and then interviewed Brokers. Not for a better "split" but to find the BEST education and support system. Most of the time a new agent was paid 40-50% commission in their first years, topping out as an experienced agent in the 70-80% ranges.
  • A Broker or Manager (full time paid positions from the Company $$) worked to teach you everything about the industry from lead generation to sales skills to objection handling to servicing a book of business (your database) - all the while holding you accountable to what you said your goals were.
  • They walked you through every step spending weeks helping you perfect lead generation and follow up, going with you on listing appointments and buyer showings and teaching you the right language and scripts to use to secure sales, and teach professional practices to keep you out of trouble.
  • Because of the high commission percentages that began in the 1990's, brokers can't afford to hire people to hold hands with every new agent and teach them hands-on how to be successful.
  • Many new agents are left practically untrained as a result of this and the failure rate of agents in real estate skyrocketed.  
  • That training, information, and accountability gap is where Coaches step in... and where Your Coaching Matters excels. We are the Gold Standard of Real Estate Coaches being recognized by Inman and others as top Coaches in the Industry, as well as offering the only completely ICF Certified staff. 
  • We have SOLD at high levels (over 100 a year for over 10 years, over 3000 sales total) and continue to sell today. We KNOW the business as it is NOW.  We provide the tools, support your accountability, and SUPPORT you to do what it takes to achieve the success you deserve. 

More importantly...


We understand what "Success" really is.

Success is defined clearly by Dr. Maria Nemeth:

"Success is doing what you said you would do, consistently, with clarity, focus, ease, and grace."


To begin we must be willing to SAY what it is that we are willing to do. Clearly defining what we want to accomplish is the most important step. Without knowing what success means to us, how can we achieve it?


Next we do that thing we said we would do with Clarity. Clarity is accomplished by establishing a small sweet step toward what you want and taking it. Most people simply do whatever they find in front of them that day. You only ever need to take the next, small step to get ahead.


By narrowing our Focus, we eliminate distractions and remove obstacles in the way of what we really want to accomplish. A Coach helps you see when you lose Focus and supports you in getting back on track.


Ease is something that we all desire, no one wants angst and upset. Notice that doing work with Ease does not mean it is always easy, but hard work CAN be done with ease. We offer tools to bring a lot more Ease into your work.


Lastly, in our model, we acknowledge the Grace that is ours to have fulfilling work that changes people's lives! The pathway to Grace is gratitude. By celebrating the success of each small sweet step on our journey. And being grateful for the journey, we experience Success.