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We've taken the time to develop a course that teaches you everything you need to know about Buyers in the Real Estate market, from where to find them to how to follow up after you close a sale! 

New recordings for this course will be posted starting April 14th, 2022

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  • Where to find Buyers
    • Plus how to recognizing the Danger Signs from Buyers you don’t want.
  • Follow-up System
    • How to create one that works!
  • 100% qualify
    • Both for motivation & financially 
  • Buyers Presentation
    • How to create/perform one that results in COMMITMENT
  • Create URGENCY
    • How to get Buyers to Act Now
  • Show Buyers
    • A simple method to avoid wasting time
  • Better Offers
    • By using CMA’s, Stats, & Creating BRAGGING RIGHTS
  • Buyers are NOT liars
    • They just dont have enough information
  • Deep 5 Why’s exercise
    • WHY is the most powerful question .
  • Tell The Truth
    • When it’s OK to tell them if it’s better to rent… Tell the truth and earn referrals and respect.
  • Minimum Standards
    • You DON’T “have to” work with everyone
  • GRATEFUL for the Problems
    • Challenges are WHY they need us. Embrace them and look at them at the “job security” they are: The secret about problems…
  • Creating a smooth transaction
    • Buying/Selling a home is Stressful. It’s NORMAL they are stressed. It’s NOT normal that YOU are stressed. 


PLUS: The BEST 10 ways to get YOUR OFFER ACCEPTED when competing!


You can make more money and have more control over your business…What's holding you back?

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