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Top Real Estate agents, athletes, entrepreneurs, attorneys, speakers, and educators study NLP to improve performance. In a recent SuperAgents Live interview, agent Patrick Harvey credited NLP for a 30% increase in his closing ratio.
NLP has a defined 6 Step Sales Process.
In this seminar, we will look at the 6 step sales process
and specific NLP techniques within each step.
You will learn to Master:
  • Mirroring and Matching Clients
  • Being in an optimal emotional state for every appointment
  • Speaking in the same language as your clients- Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic
  • The kinds of questions you Should be asking
  • Discovering your client’s strategy for buying or selling
  • Using conditional closes and taglines
  • Future pacing for referrals

Donna Fleetwood is an accredited Coach with Your Coaching Matters. She is a licensed NLP Practitioner and has studied with the master himself, Richard Bandler. Donna has studied NLP techniques for Over 20 years.

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I went on my first listing appointment yesterday and I signed the listing!  I used a lot of the body language knowledge that I learned in the class. Paying attention to what the Customer says, how they say it, and the non-verbal body language was quite a learning experience. It worked like a charm!  I wanted to reach out and share that knowledge is power! Thank you, Donna, for helping me grow as a real estate agent!” – Lisa


NLP Questions? Donna.Fleetwood@YourCoachingMatters.com

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