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No Time?

No Wonder! Thereโ€™s A LOT To Do ... and Distractions EVERYWHERE.

Yet, here is the truth:

You have the same 24 hours every day that everyone else does. Others have the same challenges that you do too. Personal stuff. Family stuff. Deals that go south. Yet, our bet, is you know SOMEONE that is managing it all better than you seem to be. 

You may be "working your butt off" for 10, 30, 60 deals a year… and you see others, in seemingly less working hours doubling, tripling, or quadrupling your numbers.

And money challenges? Yep, same as you, and probably on a bigger scale.

YET… one of the differences is... 

Others have learned to SOLVE their TIME MANAGEMENT challenges…

because they control their time. Instead of letting time control THEM.

If they need to make double income next quarter, they know how to do it using their time.

So... What if YOU could learn the secrets to productive time management... and even better, learn how to MASTER THEM?


Distractions are a part of life. Yet, if they are leaving you feeling overwhelmed, it's time to take action before that frustration turns into resignation, or worse yet, cynicism. You start to ask yourself "why to bother at all"  due to a lack of control of your time!  It's a vicious circle - no fun!   


Mastering Time IS a Learnable Skill!  You CAN learn the strategies and skills to overcome common obstacles that disrupt your workflow.  This system guarantees you will develop habits that top agents and earners capitalize on EVERY day. (And it's not hard.)


When you are in alignment with your Life's Intentions and personal Standards you live in Coherence. Life is Sweet. The words flexible and schedule can be friends. You CAN be organized and more productive than ever before by using a simple system. You CAN win this game!

Can You Truly MASTER TIME?

I did and YOU can too!

In the early 1990's I was a young mother of 3 with four years of real estate sales experience. I was getting by, but I'd hit a ceiling. I simply could not see how I could do “more” in the time that I had. I was busy, frantic, frustrated, frazzled and... exhausted. Sound familiar? 

AND worse yet, despite all that effort I was STILL not making as much income as I needed to to support myself and my children.

Was this IT?
Was I stuck at this level with no hope?
How long could I even go ON at this pace??

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m NOT one to give up so easily... #NEVERQUIT is my mantra!  

I decided to invest some very precious TIME in learning how to better manage it.  I know, I know... I said it too, "How can I learn something else… I don’t have TIME!” 

IMPORTANT: You can’t afford NOT to learn this. 

Nothing else you are doing or learning will have as much impact if you don’t master THIS first.   

Wouldn’t it be great to be LESS "busy and frazzled" and more productive? 

Yes… I learned that indeed I COULD be a LOT more productive.   

Just a few short years after developing this model (which was approved as a trademark in 2019 - TWENTY years after I first came up with it)  I was co-leading a team that peaked at over $2.5M GCI. Yes. Over TWO MILLION in commissions a year with no subdivisions... no REO or HUD biz.

Our biggest investor only bought 14 of the 181 homes we sold that peak year. It was one home sold at a time.

Oh yes. I could be FAR more productive!  And so can YOU!


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