Expired Course 2021

Expireds are coming - learn how to get into a no-stress conversation with them and learn how to make them your favorite source of business.



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Now it's time to buy the class and start working Expireds as a Business Source!


This course has been ENTIRELY re-written for the NEW DECADE!

You will learn:

• How to list 1-8 Expireds every month using our ZERO-RESISTANCE system!

• Where to find expired listings to contact.

• How to approach them so they can't WAIT to meet with you.

• How to build the rapport you need BEFORE YOU COME... so the meeting is EASY and ENJOYABLE.

• How to List them NOW or how to follow-up EFFECTIVELY they List with YOU when THEY do list it again!

Bring your questions and objections and we’ll handle them too!

It's time to CONTRIBUTE to Expired Listing Owners in a way that has you solve their problems, get their home sold... and best of all, become your BEST SOURCE of referrals for the future! Because YOU were the source of their PROBLEM SOLVED!

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