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Track What You Do!

coach donna stott do it - move it - delete it mastering time management your coaching matters Feb 28, 2022

We have been focusing on “Mastering Time Management, the Do It, Move It or Delete It TM Method” over the last few days offering several free Webinars detailing a three-week class which started Wednesday, February 23rd.

However, if you missed the class, you can still sign up for it – it’s recorded. In fact, you can watch the Mastering Time Management webinar by clicking this link:

Mastering Time Management Webinar

(email [email protected] for details)

Here are a couple more ways to help you manage your time:

 1. Get a 2nd Monitor!

Have your work screen on one side and your calendar on your other screen. If you don’t look at your Calendar all day every day, it’s almost impossible to follow your plan.

2. Track what you Do.

No need to track what you did NOT do… that’s irrelevant. What is relevant is what you are DOING.

The most highly PROFITABLE people are the ones that TRACK.  They craft a plan to reach their Goal, create steps to get there, and THEN they track what they are doing and compare their results to their plan’s expected results.

Tracking is about Looking, Seeing, and Telling the Truth.  Based on that Truth, ONLY THEN can the next right Authentic Action be taken.

What do YOU need to track? Talk to your Coach or bring it up during Tuesday’s “Coach is In”.  It may be Contacts, it might not though.

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