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Monday News You Can Use 11.22.2021


Best Article on Zillow Offers going away
Housing market still strong - due to low inventory
Disturbing article on predominantly black neighborhoods - no easy answers but I know we can do better.  Awareness is the first step. Read this article.  It's long and enlightening. 

Tech Tip

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This powerful little gadget helps me look like a PRO during online video calls -- in about 2 seconds! 


Conversation advancer of the week:  

“How will you know when I have done a good job?”

While on the listing appointment ask - “How will you know when I have done a good job?”
Their answer, if you listen carefully,  will let you know. If they say I’ll just know or It will feel right they may be someone who makes decisions on their own. Tell them what other people do and they’ll say so what.  Tell them to do this because it's the right thing to do and you’ll connect. 
Someone who looks outside for answers might say - I’ll know by the results you get” or the "house will be sold.” Tell them to do what’s right and they’ll get frustrated.  Tell the outside looker “this will get you offers” and they’ll take action. 


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