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Find your Hidden Strengths

strength strengths Jul 31, 2020

INSTRUCTIONS: Strengths can be hidden underneath a seemingly irrelevant ability or skill - let's identify some of them!

  • Answer the questions in the sticky notes below and write down whatever pops into your mind.
  • Where something is not an obvious 'strength' drill down by asking the questions, "What have I glossed over?", "How do I do that?" & "What skills must I have to be able to do/enjoy that?". Write these answers where it says Possible Strengths:

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What do you want?

Uncategorized Jul 13, 2020

More than ever in our lifetimes, knowing what is important to you NOW... is critical to your happiness and success.

Success starts with doing what we say we will do. Right? 

But what if we don't say anything?  What if we don't know what we want? 

when it comes down to it that, in a nutshell, is exactly the #1 problem in the lack of success and happiness in most people's lives.   They just don't KNOW what they want. 

So they can't SAY what they want.  Nor what they are willing to DO to get what they want.   

Why are we so afraid to look at this?  I have an idea about that...

For some reason, we believe if we state what we want... it might be the wrong thing. 

And being wrong is what ALL of us want to avoid.  Yet, every year, month, week... even every day we have the opportunity to say that we want something else. No one is going to hold you back on that. 

Try this:  Say you want something that is easily obtainable...

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Monday News You Can Use!

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2020

Conversation Advancers to use with any Statement your client makes:

You must say it and mean it with honest curiosity

Tell Me More 
App of the week: 
Punch Interior Design for your mac. 

Your Coaching Matters Supports Agents and Brokers to
"ELEVATE the Professionalism of the Real Estate Industry - ONE AGENT AT A TIME."

If you are not a member, will you join us at ...

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Monday News You Can Use

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2020

February 25, 2020

  • You might not be able to read this (have to subscribe to Inman but the comments are fascinating) but here are the Zillow Financials
  • Read this too. Buyer Revenue $603 million Sold 1902 homes in 23 markets during the 4th quarter so 28 homes on average each month in each market. Total Revenue $2.7 BILLION with a net loss of $305 million.
  • CNN Article on Zillow
  • Insurance will continue to be a problem in fire-prone and flood-prone areas
  • For everyone - Security you can add to your home!

Conversation advancers: 
“I’m busy right now. I’ll call you back.”

And they don’t.  When you hear this the goal is simply to get a small yes  – ask if they can answer 2 quick questions in less than 1 minute. This will set you up for further...
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Monday News You Can Use!


  • Interesting stats On Debt in the US -Including a hidden one that suggests student loan default may be close to 19% - A trillion is a Million Million!  A million seconds is 11.5 Days. A Billion seconds is almost 32 years so a Trillion seconds is 32,000,000 Years!
  • For every owner - Renovations Projects that get returns! Average 63.7% value to cost - I was surprised at the best value!
  • I was also amazed at the percentage of new construction buyers that used an agent!  Also, an argument to NOT sell by owner!

Conversation advancers:

Some Smart people are quoted in this article.
App of the week: 

https://photofy.com/ especially useful if you Instagram
Your Coaching Matters Supports Agents and Brokers to
"ELEVATE the Professionalism of the Real Estate Industry - ONE AGENT AT A TIME."
If you are not...
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We are less than 30 days out for our Annual Summit!

It's almost time to be PART OF THE LUCKY!!

Join us March 15-18th, 2020 in downtown Atlanta.

We have 7 more openings left. 

Be with the BEST AGENTS in the Country in a VERY SMALL GROUP! 

If you would link additional information or have any questions, please email MarketingDirector@YourCoachingMatters.com


You can also visit:




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Monday News You Can Use!

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2020

Monday, February 10, 2020



Conversation advancers to use in a lot of situations only once you’ve built trust:

Questions to dig deep:
  1. What is the most important thing for us to talk about?
  2. What's going on relative to this issue?
  3. How is it impacting you?  
  4. Who else is affected?
  5. If nothing changes, what are the implications?
  6. How have you contributed to this situation?
  7. What is the ideal outcome? 
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