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Get a simple 28 minute (or less) free or no-cost idea to create a GOOD LEAD every business day of the year! DOUBLE your production by creating a Lead in HALF the time! 

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Coach Mike Stott does HOURS of work FOR you saving you half the time!  Join Monday News you can Use for the ONLY real estate news you need each week.  For YOU and for your CLIENTS! It’s free and our GIFT TO YOU!

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A Group Coaching Club For Real Estate Agents looking for a Career Filled with Success and PROFIT!

Our concepts, tools, practices and systems -  available to YOU 24/7 in YCMPedia, on THREE LIVE CALLS a week, OR by Email -  will transform your Real Estate Career to one full of Clarity, Focus, Ease, and Grace!

Agents Need

  • Strong Systems

  • Everyday Tools

  • Conversation Advancers

  • Skill Improvers

  • Coaching Support

Our Average Full Time Coaching Clients earned $394,000 in GCI last year - and so can YOU.

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